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​Genuine alpine fishing for Char, Trout and Greyling.



Hunting and fishing in Miekak.

Top-class fishing for wild arctic char, brown trout and grayling in

Lapland, Sweden

op-class fishing for wild arctic char, brown trout and grayling in

Lapland, Sweden

Miekak fishing camp is located between lakes Alep and Lulep in remote Swedish Lapland. The camp lies secluded in verdant arctic birch woodland. The mountainous landscape is dotted with a patchwork of clear mountain streams and lakes making Miekak a location of breathtaking beauty.


The River Pieske (Pieskeströmmen) lies close to the fishing camp and offers some of the best fishing for arctic char in Sweden. The River Pieske is well-known to many Swedish anglers as a river populated by large, and often difficult-to-catch, arctic char and brown trout. Fish of up to up to 2 kg (4 lbs) are, however, caught regularly every season. 

Fishing in Miekak is primarily for arctic char, the majority of fish caught weighing between 0.5 kg (1 lb) to 1 kg (approx. 2 lb). Fish of over 1 kg are not uncommon. The Miekak fishing region comprises 2100 ha of lakes and 10 km (7.5 miles) of rivers and streams. The beat on the River Pieske is 6.5 km (almost 4 miles) offering double-bank fly fishing only.

As of 2004, all fish between 30 and 55 cm must be returned to the water. This rule has been introduced because: 1) this particular size of fish reproduces well and 2) maintaining a stock of this size ensures a healthy population of fish of good catching size for the fisherman.

The 2.5 km beat on the Loddaströmmen (River Lodda) offers excellent, mixed fly- and spin fishing. The Lodda is a smaller stream than the Pieske, but is of almost equally high quality from the flyfisherman’s perspective.  Several smaller streams and tributaries of the Lodda converge to form the unique "Aquarium”, a name coined by Swedish angler, and regular visitor to the region, Nils Färnström. In July 2007, the Aquarium offered fantastic fishing with arctic char and brown trout over 1 kg (2 lb) in weight being caught frequently. To the southeast are the streams of Sarta and Sartajokkas. The Sarta stream connects the Miekak lakes with Sartajaure, an underestimated stream with plenty of deep pools and near perfect conditions to support a good head of large arctic grayling and arctic char. Superb fishing for arctic char was to be had in these streams and lakes in the summer of 2007; 100 fish from 600 g (1 lb) to over 1 kg (2 lb) were caught on a single

Char , Trout and Greyling in Miekak

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