Orkla – Gaula. Fish for salmon in one of Norway's best salmon rivers.

 Not only is it a royal sport, fly fishing for salmon is also a way to spendtime with each other, an adventure and a nature experience that creates a strong feeling of fellowship... an event to remember and share with friends and family. 



Exlusive Salmon fishing in Norway.

Orkla river.



Salmon Fishing


Orkla is a river with clear water populated with salmon for about 70 kilometers. Orkla holds newly risen salmon with an average weight of over 7 kilos. Here the experienced salmon fishers will get their fill, and beginners may experience their big catch.


Orkla's fishing stretches are Loe, Rye Espås, Granmo and Hongslo. These stretches are located nearby the Storås community about 30 kilometers upstream from the river's mouth in the Trondheim fjord.

Approximately 800 meters long, Loe is a wonderful stretch with nice streams and good depth. The stretch is divided into three pools with different characteristics. In the top pool, people have caught salmon weighing over 18 kilos!


Running about the same length as Loe, Espås is used almost exclusively for corporate arrangements.

types. Over the past years, North Esk has emerged as Scotland's number one salmon river for both Spring and Autumn fishing for salmon.



Often tops the catch statistics. We can offer two very good stretches.



The upper stretch is located by Helgemo and has three very good pools that offer great fishing for salmon as well as excellent night fishing for sea trout.


Melhus svingen

this is a tidal stretch offering some of Gaula's top pools. About 1.5 kilometers of fishing in very secure pools.

New for this year. Löberg Junctionpool one of the best stretches in Gaula ​

Both Orkla and Gaula can be offered with business standards. Full room and board, guide and more.

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Salmonfishing and Stag hunt in Brora.

Dalreavosh Lodge

You will be staying in Dalreavosh Lodge, which is located right next to the Brora river. In the right water level conditions, Brora holds plenty of middle salmon. There are several smaller lakes in the moorlands that all hold trout. No giants, but fun fishing with lighter equipment. It is not uncommon to see herds of deer during this time, and to simply be here when the heather blooms is an experience in and by itself.

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