Fishing adventures in Mongolia.

Starting in 2007, Resepoolen will present a variety of fishing alternatives in Mongolia. In 2008, a new destination will be added.

Fishing in Mongolia.

We head east towards the river Onon where we will be able to hook Amur pike and larger Taimen salmon. Trout fishing here is as good as it was back in 1998.


The Taimen salmon has in Mongolia been allowed to grow to massive proportions! This has its reason in that our hosts, the Mongols, rarely, if ever, eat fish.

Naturally, these waters hold trout - Lennok and Onon trout - and while their size does not measure up to that of the Taimen salmon, they are still of clearly catchable size. There are four species of grayling here, but these do not compare in size to the ones found in Scandinavian waters. Those who want to catch Amur pike can also get their fill here.


Due to the nature of the trip, which will have continuously traveling, fishing both from rafts and from land in untracked terrain, accommodation is under active service conditions.

A very knowledgeable staff is available to you. They will assist with transportation, food and anything else that might be needed during your stay.


The journey begins in Ulan Bator and lasts for 12 days. Transport to Ulan Bator is not included. You have the choice of traveling via Beijing, China or Moscow, Russia. We would recommend the Beijing route as that route is, in our opinion, the safer, if slightly more expensive, of the two. A visa is required and is not included, and since the rafting starts near the Russian border, a border pass is needed.

The trip sets off from Ulan Bator and excludes visa and possible overnight stays in Beijing or Moscow.


This arrangement is our latest alternative. The tour sets off from Ulan Bator after an overnight stay at a hotel. Following a few hours of helicopter flight, you will land by Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, an area of great unspoiled natural beauty that few have set foot in before. This is the birthplace of Genghis Khan, and you can see traces of their habitat.

The rafting will then begin from the upper parts of the river Onon. This way you will be given a number of days to reach base camp and from there depart for home. You will fish in lots of unspoiled pools. Consulting with the group, the group leader decides how much time you will spend at each hot spot. There is a risk that you will be running out of time by the end of the rafting due to the overwhelming amount of hot and beautiful pools to fish in.

The area that you will spend time in is located about two days northeast of Ulan Bator. You will be transported by helicopter on the way there, and by jeep on the way back.

As you will be traveling by raft during the entirety of the drift, accommodation is of active service nature, sleeping in tents and eating in the great outdoors. The trip begins and ends in Ulan Bator and lasts for 12 days.

Please note that transport to and from Ulan Bator is not included  

Prices from Ulan Bator:

4200 USD per person for groups of 4-5 people

3600 USD per person for groups of 6-8 people

Not included:

Mongolian Visa, approximately 400 SEK

Borderpass for Russia/Mongolia

Travel insurance (European 835 SEK)

Hotel costs, Moscow or Beijing.

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